Academic Profile of Prof. MASUD RANA
Academic Profile of Prof. MASUD RANA
Assistant Professor,
Mechanical Engineering Department

Ph.D.: Pursuing, IIEST, Shibpur
Post Graduate: ME, IIEST, Shibpur
Under Graduate: B.Tech, WBUT


Personal Homepage:
Official eMail Id:
Professional Experience:
Assistant Professor, Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Since July 2015.

Professional Society Membership:
International Association of Engineers, Membership #: 250641

No of Journal Paper Published: 9

No Conference Paper Published: 1

Research Areas:
Biomechanics, Biomaterials

Journal Reviewer:
1. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine. 2. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering. 3. The International Journal of Artificial Organs. 4. Informatics in Medicine Unlocked. 5. Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal. 6. International Journal of Composite Materials. 7. Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology.

No. of B.Tech/BBA/BCA/B.Sc. Final Year Projects Handled: 3

No of Conferences/Invited Talks/Seminars/ Attended: 10

Undergraduate: Machine Design, Dynamics of Machines, Engg Graphics Lab, Dynamics of machine lab

List of Publication of Journals Papers:
1. Jain, P., Rana, M., Biswas, J.K. and Khan, M.R., 2020. Biomechanics of spinal implants—a review. Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, 6(4), p.042002. 2. Rana, M., Roy, S., Biswas, P., Biswas, S.K. and Biswas, J.K., 2020. Design and development of a novel expanding flexible rod device (FRD) for stability in the lumbar spine: A finite-element study. The International Journal of Artificial Organs, p.0391398820917390. 3. Rana, M., Biswas, J.K., Roy, S., Biswas, P., Karmakar, S.K. and Roychowdhury, A., 2020. Motion analysis of lumbar vertebrae for different rod materials and flexible rod device–An experimental and finite element study. Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, 40(1), pp.415-425. 4. Biswas, J.K., Roy, S., Rana, M. and Halder, S., 2019. A comparison of rigid, semi-rigid and flexible spinal stabilization devices: A finite element study. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine, 233(12), pp.1292-1298. 5 Bhattacharya, S., Roy, S., Rana, M., Banerjee, S., Karmakar, S.K. and Biswas, J.K., 2019. Biomechanical performance of a modified design of dynamic cervical implant compared to conventional ball and socket design of an artificial intervertebral disc implant: a finite element study. Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology, 19(04), p.1950017. 6. Biswas, J.K., Roy, S., Pradhan, R., Rana, M. and Majumdar, S., 2019. Effects of cervical disc replacement and anterior fusion for different bone conditions: A Finite Element Study. International Journal for Multiscale Computational Engineering, 17(4). 7. Jain, V., Dommeti, V.K., Rana, M. and Roy, S., 2019. Influences of Stresses on Dental Implant Threads Using Finite-Element Analysis. Journal of Long-Term Effects of Medical Implants, 29(2). 8. Biswas, J.K., Sahu, T.P., Rana, M., Roy, S., Karmakar, S.K., Majumder, S. and Roychowdhury, A., 2019. Design factors of lumbar pedicle screws under bending load: a finite element analysis. Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, 39(1), pp.52-62. 9. Biswas, J.K., Rana, M., Majumder, S., Karmakar, S.K. and Roychowdhury, A., 2018. Effect of two-level pedicle-screw fixation with different rod materials on lumbar spine: a finite element study. Journal of Orthopaedic Science, 23(2), pp.258-265.

List of Publication of Conference Proceedings:
1. Biswas, J.K., Rana, M., Roy, S., Majumder, S., Karmakar, S.K. and Roychowdhury, A., Effect of range of motion (ROM) for pedicle-screw fixation on lumbar spine with rigid and semi-rigid rod materials: A finite element study.
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