Academic Profile of Prof. Trisha Lala
Academic Profile of Prof. Trisha Lala
Trisha Lala
Assistant Professor,
Civil Engineering Department

Ph.D.: Presidency College, IIT Roorkee
Post Graduate: M.Sc in Geology, Presidency College ( the then University)
Under Graduate: B.Sc in Geology, Calcutta University


Official eMail Id:
Professional Experience:
1. Assistant Professor, Netaji Subhash engineering College ( Techno India Group ) 2. Research Scholar in Presidency College and IIT Roorkee

Professional Society Membership:
Life Member of Geological Society of India

No of Journal Paper Published: 4

No Conference Paper Published: 4

Research Areas:
Mapping and Survey, Igneous petrology, Geochemistry ,Isotope Dating ,Volcanology and Paleomagnetism of igneous rocks in volcanic belt

Resarch Collaboration:
National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad, Indian Institute of Geomagnetism , Allahabad

No of Conferences/Invited Talks/Seminars/ Attended: 4

Undergraduate: 1 Engineering Geology 2 Remote Sensing and GIS 3. Surveying and Geomatics 4. Civil Engineering : Societal and Global impact 5. Building Materials and Construction . 6. Energy Science and Engineering. 7. Introduction to civil Engineering 8 Computer application in Civil Engineering.

Role as a Mentor:
Currently mentoring students of 2nd Semester( 1st Year ) As a mentor trying to provide guidance, motivation, setting goals, and trying to help for exploring careers.

List of Publication of Journals Papers:
1. Mafic Dykes of Rewa Basin, Central India: Implication on magma dispersal and petrogenesis. In: R.K Srivastava (Ed), Dyke swarms: Keys for Geodynamic Interpretation, Springer, 141-166. Trisha Lala, A.K. Chaudhary, S.K. Patil, D.K. Paul, 2011 2. Platinum-group elements in the Eastern Deccan Volcanic province and a comparison with platinum metals of the Western Deccan, James Crocket, Dalim K. Paul, Trisha Lala. Journal of Earth System Science August 2013, Vol 122, Issue 4, pp 1035-1044 3.New 39Ar-40Ar ages of dykes from Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh: evidence for polyphase dyke intrusion in Eastern Deccan Volcanic Province. T.Lala ,L.S. Mombasawala, K Pande , and D K Paul (Current Science, Vol. 107, No. 6, 2014.) 4. Paleomagnetic and rock magnetic studies on mafic dykes and flows of Rewa basin, Eastern Deccan volcanic province. Trisha Lala, S. K. Patil and D. K. Paul (in Journal of Asian Earth Science Vol 102, Issue 6, pp 1033-1049

List of Publication of Conference Proceedings:
1. Petrology and Geochemistry of Mafic Flows and Dykes of Eastern Deccan Volcanic Province, India. D K Paul, Trisha Lala, A K Chaudhary .Oslo, Norway, 2008 2. Geochemistry of mafic flows and dykes of Rewa Basin, Eastern Deccan Volcanic Province, National Symposium on Significant Milestones in Growth of Geochemistry in India During the 50 year period 1958-2008, Trisha Lala Hyderabad 2008. 3. Geochemistry, Sr-Nd isotope abundances and magnetic studies in some Deccan basalts and their bearing on mixing processes T. Lala, S.K. Patil, D.K. Paul and A.K. Chaudhary in Goldschmidt Conference 2010, Tennessee, UK. 4. Mafic dykes of Rewa Basin, Central India: Implications on evolution and migration of Deccan Magma. Trisha Lala, A K Chaudhary, S.K. Patil and D K Paul BHU, International Dyke Conference 2010.
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