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NSEC-CSE-Alumni Meet-2015 "MELANGE- 2015"
Melange 2K15 was the first ever alumni meet of the Computer Science Department of Netaji Subhash Engineering College. It took place on the 31st day of October and was an event filled to its brim with pomp and show. The word ‘melange’ itself means a mixture and true to its name the event was a conglomeration in every sense of the word. The programme started with a welcome dance, the Saraswati Bandana. It was followed by an assortment of dance performances, music performances, comedy act, a cultural walk and a lavishly laid out lunch. The occasion was graced by the presence of our director, Dr. H. Mandal, our principal, Dr. Amal K Ghosh, our dean, Dr. S K Bhattacharya, our H.O.D, Dr. Anupam Ghosh and obviously by innumerable alumni members. The interactive session with the alumnus was especially beneficial to the students who attended the event. The students realised the importance of fraternizing with the alumnus. They realised that the CSE family stands as one and helps each other out in times of need. The alumnus, like older siblings, gave the students, a much needed reality check for stepping into the corporate world. The bonds formed through this event are probably going to be cherished for a very long time, by one and all. The end of the event was marked by the distribution of mementos to the alumni members. This was only the first alumni meet of our department and in the years to come there will be many more to encourage the camaraderie in our ever-growing family of CSE students of Netaji Subhash Engineering College.

We are really grateful for your gracious presence on MELANGE 2015---

  1. Mr. Anirban Banerjee (2002-2006)--- TCS
  2. Mr. Malabyajit Roy (2004-2008) ---TCS
  3. Mr. Arindam Chatterjee (2003-2007)---TCS
  4. Mrs. Bhaswati Chatterjee (2003-2007)---TCS
  5. Mr. Dipesh Guha (2003-2007)---TCS
  6. Mr. Abirlal Bose (2004-2008)---Accenture
  7. Mr. Avik Kundu (2003-2007)---TCS
  8. Mr. Soumava Das (2004-2008)---TCS
  9. Mr. Titthir Kumar Saha (2004-2008)---TCS
  10. Mr. Bipra Banerjee (2005-2009)---TCS
  11. Mr. Atanu Dutta (2004-2008)---TCS
  12. Mr. Bibek Saha Dalal (2005-2009)---TCS
  13. Ms. Payel Bhaduri (2005-2009)---TCS
  14. Mr. Arnab Dutta (2005-2009)---TCS
  15. Mr. Basudev Lahiri (2006-2010)---TCS
  16. Mr. Bipul Islam (2007-2011)---Zendrive
  17. Mr. Abhisek Ghosh (2007-2011)---ATMEL
  18. Mr. Arpan Mukhopadhaya (2005-2009)---TCS
  19. Mr. Sayantan Bhattacharaya (2005-2009)---TCS
  20. Mr. Binaek Sarkar (2007-2011)---Alumnus software
  21. Mr. Amlandeep Nandi (2007-2011)---TCS
  22. Mr. Sayan Chakraborty (2007-2011)---Lexmark
  23. Ms. Suswana Chatterjee (2008-2012)---TCS
  24. Mr. Tridiv Nandi (2009-2013)---TCS
  25. Mr. Tanmoy Bandyopadhyaya (2009-2013)---TCS
  26. Mr. Arindam Moulik (2009-2013)---TCS
  27. Ms. Debopama Sarkar (2009-2013)---TCS
  28. Mr. Saikat Karmakar (2005-2009)---TCS
  29. Mr. Kabir Hassan (2010-2014)---TCS
  30. Ms. Sayantani Sensharma (2010-2014)---TCS
  31. Mr. Tathagata Ganguly (2010-2014)---TCS

Vote of Thanks: We want to thank all of you for the amazing support in “MELANGE 2015”- First ever alumni meet of Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Netaji Subhash Engineering College. I will be happy to see a large number of Alumni will participate in the future celebrations. We look forward to many more such opportunities, to enable the Alumni to share their success stories with us. I am sure that 2016 Meet will be celebrated in grand style. We look forward to meet each one of you on Alumni Meet 2016. Lastly, As a HOD, I am really thankful to the organizing committee (specially Nishant, Manish, Meghna, Iman, Oyndrilla, Avishikta, Aditi, Pritha, Ashish Ranjan, Prashant, Rebeka, Dipankar, Ritabroto, Swayam, Ashish Kumar, Gautam, Arpita, Srabani, Suraj, Rishi, Aman, Saptarshi, Rajarshi, Monalisa and Anirban Manna, Priya Srivastav) of NSEC-CSE Alumni association who has done a tremendous support in last 7-8 months.

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