Academic Profile of Prof. TRISHIT BANERJEE
Academic Profile of Prof. TRISHIT BANERJEE
Assistant Professor,
Basic Engineering Sciences Department

Ph.D.: Want to Enroll for Data Science after learning analytics
Post Graduate: MSc, IIEST
Under Graduate: Bsc, Calcutta University


Official eMail Id:
Professional Experience:
SMIT -2005-2006 NSEC - 2006 - TILL PRESENT

Awards & Honors Received:

Association with Outside World:
Examiner MAKAUT

No of Journal Paper Published: 3

No Conference Paper Published: 3

Research Areas:
Inferential Analysis, Data Science

Journal Reviewer:

No of Conferences/Invited Talks/Seminars/ Attended: 2

Undergraduate: Engineering Mathematics, Numerical Methods, Discrete Mathematics, Statistics, Probability
Postgraduate: Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Administrative Responsibilities:
Exam Committee Member, Admission Cell Member, IIC cell Member, Faculty Advisor

Role as a Mentor:
Mentoring students for mathematical and statistical parts in their projects

List of Publication of Journals Papers:
1. Banerjee, T. "The Synergy of Living Benefits and Carbon Storage: A Case Study on Forest Commons", International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development, 10.3. (2020), pp. 12573-12580. 2. Banerjee, T., "Assessment of the Impact of ISO Standards - A Study of Chinese Firms", Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research, 7.9., (2020). pp. 1040-1046.

List of Publication of Conference Proceedings:
1. Banerjee, T., "Forecasting Apple Inc. Stock Prices Using S&P500 - An OLS Regression Approach with Structural Break," 2020 IEEE International Conference for Convergence in Engineering (ICCE), Kolkata, 2020. 2. Banerjee, T. (2022). Supplier Satisfaction as a Mediating Effect on Delivery and Service: A PLS-SEM Approach in India During COVID-19 Pandemic. SN Computer Science, 3(2), 1-11. 3. Breast Cancer Prediction by Machine Learning Algorithms - A Comparative Study of Naive Bayes, KNN and J48 in Weka Authors Trishit Banerjee, Dr G. Geetha

List Books / Book Chapters:
Blockchain Implementation Challenges for IoT
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