Academic Profile of Prof. Arijit De
Academic Profile of Prof. Arijit De
Arijit De
Assistant Professor,
Electronics & Communication Engineering Department

Ph.D.: 2020, Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta
Post Graduate: 2012, Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta
Under Graduate: 2009, WBUT


Official eMail Id:
Professional Experience:
1. Assistant Professor, NSEC (2012-2015 and 2018-present). 2. Junior Research Fellow, University of Calcutta (2016-2017).

Professional Society Membership:

Awards & Honors Received:
1. Fellowship from ISRO (2010-2012). 2. Fellowship from Departmental of Science and Technology (2016-2017). 3. Young Scientist Award, Union of Radio Science, APRASC 2019

Association with Outside World:
1. IEEE GRSS Kolkata Chapter Secretary (2019- present). 2. IEEE GRSS Student Branch Chapter Advisor, NSEC (2018-present). 3. Executive Committee member of IEEE GRSS KOLKATA Chapter (2016-2017). 4. Executive Committee member of two days Workshop RAMAT 2015. 5. Convener of the one day workshop RSAS 2016. 6. Organizing Committee member of two days Workshop RSEA 2016. 7. Convener of one day Workshop RSA 2017, at NSEC, 2017. 8. Convener of FDP WPRS at NSEC, 2019.

No of Journal Paper Published: 05

No Conference Paper Published: 15

Research Areas:
Earth-space Propagation, Wireless Communication, Remote Sensing, RADAR, Data Analysis

Resarch Collaboration:
1) Institute of Radio Physics & Electronics, University of Calcutta, 2. IIT Indore, 3. IISC, Bangalore.

No. of B.Tech/BBA/BCA/B.Sc. Final Year Projects Handled: 12

No. of Innovative Projects Handled: 01

Areas of Innovative Projects Handled:
Radio wave Propagation

Key Speaker of Invited Talks/Seminars:
International workshop on Remote Sensing, Data Science and Machine Learning at Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (November 8-9, 2019).

No of Conferences/Invited Talks/Seminars/ Attended: 20

Undergraduate: Basic Electronics, Analog Electronics, Analog Communication, Communication Engineering, Digital Electronics, E.M Theory.
Postgraduate: Satellite Communication

Administrative Responsibilities:
1. Departmental Academic Committee member. 2. Departmental Student Affair Committee and R & D committee member. 3. IEEE GRSS Student Branch Chapter Advisor, NSEC (2018-present). 4. Organizing Committee member of ICCE Conference at NSEC , 2020. 5. Member of admission cell, NSEC.

Name of Final Year Projects (Currently Handling):
1. Cloud and Rain Attenuation Statistics over a Tropical Location. 2. Long term analysis of cloud characteristics and aerosol optical depth using Aqua Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer observations over a Tropical Location, India.

Role as a Mentor:
Atulya Karn 1610903079 Ashutosh Roy 1610903110 Ashraf Jahangir 1610903109 Ashish Raj 1610903029 Ashish Kumar 1610903062 Arup Mandal 1610903060 Arnesh Ghosh 1610903015 Aritra Roy Gosthipaty 1610903013 Archita Roy 1610903027 Anwesha Bharati Anurag Roy 1610903070 Anupama Talukder 1610903021 Anubhav Kumar 1610903071 Anubhav Das 1610903028 Ankit Kumar 1610903086 Ankesh Kumar Pandey 1610903082 Ankan Chattapadhyay 1610903024 Anil Kumar 1610903072 Ananya Upadhyay 1610903054 Anand Shaw 1610903053 Amit Kumar Singh 1610903108 Amit Barnwal 1610903090 Aman Ansari 1610903097 Alok Raj 1610903076 Akash Das 1610903131 Adrika Roy 1610903046 Adarsh Kumar 1610903074 Abir Sarkar 1610903107 Abhishek Mandal 1610903094 Abhishek Kumar 1610903009 Abhay Kumar Singh 1610903066 Astha Gupta 1610905004 Priyanka Pramanik 1610905056

List of Publication of Journals Papers:
1.Arijit De, Arpita Adhikari and Animesh Maitra, "Diversity Gain for Rain Attenuation over Earth-Space Path at a Tropical Location.", Advances in Space Research 57 (2016) 794-801, 2.Arijit De, Arpita Adhikari and Animesh Maitra “Pre-rain Scintillations of Ku-band Satellite Signal in Relation to Cloud and Convective Parameters at a Tropical Location”, IEEE Geo Remote Sensing Letters, vol 14 no 2 (2017), 252-256,10.1109/LGRS.2016.2637441. 3.Animesh Maitra, Arijit De and Arpita Adhikari “Rain and Rain-induced Impairments of Satellite Animesh Maitra, Arijit De, and Arpita Adhikari. "Rain and Rain-Induced Degradations of Satellite Links Over a Tropical Location." IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 67.8 (2019): 5507-5518. 4.Radiometric Measurements of Atmospheric Attenuation over a Tropical Location, submitted in Radio Science in February, 2020 (minor revision). 5.Cloud Attenuation Statistics from Radiometric Measurements over a Tropical Location Kolkata, India, submitted in Advances in Space Research, march, 2020 (minor revision).

List of Publication of Conference Proceedings:
1. A. De, R. Chakraborty, A. Maitra, "Radiometric Measurements of Cloud Attenuation over earth-space path at a Tropical Location", Paper no. 1913, URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (GASS), Montreal, Canada, August 19-26, 2017. 2. A. De, A. Adhikari, A. Maitra, "Rain-induced Attenuation and Depolarization of Ku-band Satellite Signal at a Tropical Location ", ICMARS, 14-17 February 2017. 3. A. De, A. Maitra, "Study on Rain Induced Propagation Impairments at Ku-band frequency over Kolkata" URSI RCRS, 1-4 March 2017, pp 61. 4. A. De,  A. Adhikari,  A. Maitra., . Pre-rain scintillation of Ku-band satellite signal at a tropical location. In URSI Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference (URSI AP-RASC) (pp. 1552-1554). IEEE, 21-25 August, 2016. 5. "Pre-rain Scintillations of Ku-band Satellite Signal in Relation to Cloud and Convective Activities at a Tropical Location.", CSS-23-5749, 6th International Conference on Computers and Devices for Communication 16th- 18th December, 2015. 6. "Diversity gain of satellite signal under raining condition at tropical location.", Regional Conference on Radio Science (RCRS 2014), organized by INCURSI and Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune, 2-5 January 2014, p. 78. 7. "Reverse aerosol indirect effects on cloud properties over Indian subcontinent." poster presentation, 18th National Space Science Symposium (NSSS - 2014), 29th January- 1st February, 2014. 8. Studies on rain induced scintillation during convective events over Kolkata.", 10TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MICROWAVES, ANTENNA, PROPAGATION AND REMOTE SENSING Technically Co-Sponsored by IEEE-GRSS, USA, URSI Comm. F, Belgium & IETE, ICMARS14366, p. 96, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, INDIA, December 09-12, 2014. 9. P. Ghosh, A. De, “Role of Humidity Content on Atmospheric Turbulence and Essay on Earthquake Precursor Studies”, Second International Conference on Advanced Computational and Communication Paradigms (ICACCP), 25-28 Feb, pp. 1-6. IEEE, 2019. 10.A. De, A. Adhikari, A. Maitra, “Diurnal variations of rain-induced propagation and related atmospheric phenomena over a Tropical Location”, URSI Asia-Pacific Radio Science conference (APRASC), 9-15 March, 1-1. IEEE, 2019. 11.A. De, A. Maitra, “Radiometric Measurements of Ka-Band Attenuation during Rain Events at a Tropical Location”, URSI Asia-Pacific Radio Science conference (APRASC), 9-15 March, pp. 1-4. IEEE, 2019. 12.N. Sirkar, A. De, “Latitudinal variation of cloud effective radius and aerosol optical depth from MODIS data,” International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium, July 28- August 2, pp. 7939-7941. IEEE, 2019. 13.A. De, A. Adhikari and A. Maitra, “Characteristic of rain drop size distribution over a tropical location Kolkata”, CSS-45-1344, CODEC 2019. 14.N. Kumar, A. De, and A. Maitra, “Cloud and rain attenuation statistics from radiosonde and satellite observations over a tropical location”, CSS-42-1482, CODEC 2019. 15.15. T. P. Singh, A. DE, A. Maitra, Raindrop Size Distribution Integral parameters Characteristics of Pre-monsoon and Monsoon Rainfall over Kolkata, 2020 URSI Regional Conference, 12- 14 February, 2020, IIT BHU, FO6.7.
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