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Upload Mandatory Additional Requirements (MAR)
for the Session 2019-20

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1. Use Google Chrome Internet Browser
2. Login to your official email address ( [Most Important] in another Tab [at]
3. Back to this page again & Choose on your Departmental link below for uploading the certificates
4. Read Instructions carefully

5. This is only for MAR Certificate upload system, not for Honours Certificate Upload System, Please visit for Honours Certificate Upload

Choose Your Department:

1. A student can select MOOCs from the MOOCs basket/repository as designed by the University for earning activity points for MAR. But the same course cannot be counted for Honours. There should not be any overlapping of MOOCS with regard to MAR and Degree with honours. So do Not submit MOOCs (NPTEL / Coursera / edX) Certificates for Honours here [Upload Certificates for MOOCs (Honours) at : ] 2. Do not upload the certificates that you have earned for MOOCs (Honours) here under Sl. No. 1 (a) - (d)

3. MAR: List & Maximum Activity Points :

4. Only PDF is allowed. Maximum File Size 200KB each [HELP: You may use to reduce the size, use tools like, JPG to PDF, Compress PDF.]

5. Only mail address ( is allowed. If you don't have "" official email address contact your HOD and/or Mr. Surajit Chakraborty [System Administrator, ]

6. Last Date: NOTICE: Submission of data of MAR, MOOCs, Mentoring (Extension of Last Date)

7. Students are advised to forward this page link to all students of NSEC