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In India, the transportation industry has become one of the most significant sources of air pollution. To reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions from various vehicles, the Indian government has implemented several measures at both the national and state levels. Worldwide, Electric vehicle sector has grown significantly during the previous decade.

The Government of India consistently demonstrates its commitment to establishing India as a worldwide leader in the EV industry by introducing Initiatives for electric vehicles. The government has developed several programs and incentives to increase demand for electric cars and to encourage manufacturers to engage in the R&D of electric vehicles and related infrastructure. Electric cars are the driving force behind the transition to electric transportation.

  • Diploma in Electric Vehicle focuses on the design, production, and maintenance of electric vehicles.
  • Students learn about the environmental and economic benefits of electric vehicles.
  • Graduates are in high demand due to the growing need for skilled professionals in the electric vehicle industry.
  • Job opportunities include working in design teams, developing components and systems for electric vehicles.
  • Graduates can also work in maintenance teams, servicing and repairing electric vehicles.
  • The diploma program covers areas such as battery technology, electric motor systems, power electronics, and charging infrastructure.
  • Graduates can pursue careers in research and development or EV infrastructure development.
  • Further education and practical experience can enhance career prospects in the field.

Enrolling in a Diploma in Electric Vehicle Technology offers several compelling reasons for students:
  1. Industry Growth: The electric vehicle industry is expanding rapidly, creating a high demand for skilled professionals.
  2. Abundant Job Prospects: Graduates of this program are sought after by companies in need of individuals with expertise in electric vehicle technology.
  3. Sustainability Focus: Electric vehicles contribute to sustainable transportation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, allowing students to make a positive environmental impact.
  4. Technological Advancements: The diploma program keeps students updated on the latest developments in electric vehicle technology.
  5. Economic Opportunities: Electric vehicles offer cost savings and energy efficiency, providing economic benefits to individuals and societies.
  6. Practical Skill Development: The program emphasizes hands-on training, preparing students for real-world challenges in designing, producing, and maintaining electric vehicles.
  7. Interdisciplinary Knowledge: Students gain a comprehensive understanding of electric vehicle systems, combining engineering, electronics, and environmental sciences.
  8. Innovation and Research: The electric vehicle industry fosters innovation and research, offering opportunities for students to contribute to advancements in technology and shape the future of transportation.
Why Study at NSEC
Diploma Program in Electrical Engineering and Electric Vehicle at Netaji Subhash Engineering College will provide students with valuable knowledge and practical experience in the field of electric vehicles.

During the course students can expect to learn about various aspects of electric vehicle technology, including battery systems, charging infrastructure, and electric motor control technology etc.

Through the lab classes we will provide hands-on training in state-of-art EV LAB, students can gain knowledge of working with EVs & diagnosing and repairing electric vehicles.

This course will provide the students with the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned in a real-world setting, further enhancing their understanding and expertise thus making them employable.