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Objective : Melange being the annual alumni meet of the computer science department, it's main objective is to bridge the gap between alumni and present students. This gathering is an opportunity for the Alumni members to meet one another and their former lecturers. For the present students, this occasion offers a great chance to gain insight on the recent developments in the world. Also, to build a unique, industry based -practice innovation team that positions the NSEC CSE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION at the forefront of technology. Again, to strengthen communications portal between alumni and CSE department for lifelong alumni connectivity.

Alumni Present:
  1. Amit Kumar Pandey
  2. Aritro Sanyal
  3. Rahul Chatterjee
  4. Soujanya Ray
  5. Sridatree Mukhejee
  6. Sohini Sengupta
  7. Sayan Paul
  8. Soumorup Dutta
  9. Rohit Bit
  10. Abhishek Banerjee
  11. Rishov khowash
  12. Anirban Manna
  13. Aditya Vikram Biswas
  14. Bibek Saha Dalal
  15. Anirban Dey
  16. Binaek Sarkar
  17. Tamal Bhattacharya
  1. Organising Heads : Ipsha Kumari (3rd yr) , Somdutta Roy (3rd yr)
  2. Treasurer : Srinja Dhar(3rd)
  3. Cultural Heads : Chandrima Das (3rd) , Kriti Majumdar (3rd)
  4. Creative Head : Saayan Biswas (3rd)
  5. PR Head : Adarsh Kumar (2nd yr), Nahid Ali (2nd yr)
  6. Designing Team: Rishav Sarkar (3rd) , Somdev Basu (2nd), Sourav Mondal (2nd), Sumit Kumar(2nd)
  7. Lens Team : Arnab Chanda (3rd), Debanjan Dutta (3rd), Sohel Raja Molla(3rd)
  8. Other Participants:
    1st year : Anurag Bhattacharya, Soham Chakraborti, Ahitagni Pai, Saswata Awon, Sneha Pandi
    2nd year : Suny-ul hossen , Bidya Dasgupta, Shalini Bhattacharya, Leela Raj,
    Manish Kumar, Tausif Ahmed, Mayank Bhaskar, Nahid Ali, Suraj Kumar, Somdev Basu
    Shilpi Mukherjee, Adrita Pal, Papri Roy Choudhury, Ankita Ghosh, Anushka singh, Prakriti Agarwal.
    3rd Year : Chandrima Das, Kriti Majumdar, Ankit Singh, Debarati Chakraborty.
Alumni Interaction : One of the many things that made MELANGE 2k19 such a success was the tech talk provided by the alumni. It was one of the highlights of the day as they took the stage to share their experiences in the field we are dealing with.The tech talk continued for almost a good half an hour and it was really beneficial to the aspiring students.A pretty good scenario of the present status of the IT industry was given one of the senior most alumni. Penning some of the main points of the speech, it was a common voice that suggested to work on the coding skills. Being a technical student, to be able to code is a must for companies to recruit someone. Of equal importance is to know the work ethic before joining a company. The alumni said that the main problem for the recruits are their inability to complete a given task and judge how much effort is to be put to complete the work in the most economical way. Bringing references to which the students can refer to, they said to understand the topic clearly rather than mugging up the answers from the question bank; to build the base and lay the foundation to something greater. They also had a few tips that are really important. For students aspiring to sit for interviews and looking forward to work in a multinational company, it is very important to have a good hold on soft skills and communication. This is something that one needs to develop and comes immediate after coding. Coming back to coding, the alumni asked to pay attention and work on competitive coding, as it is one of the key elements in an interview process. And so they had similar words for another important aspect in an interview, the aptitude. To conclude, it was a unanimous advice to work on a project by the end of the third year. A project helps to get into internships and crack jobs. Apart from them, it also helps to garner knowledge and experience.

Overview of the Event: 28th September was probably the most anticipated day for the CS students. MELANGE 2k19 had all the built and the hype but the fear of its success lingered in the mind of the team behind it. As the final touches were being provided, everybody prayed for it to be as splendid as thought.The event started after the arrival of the alumni, who picked out time from their busy schedules to attend the event. The event started with the inauguration speech by organizing head Somdutta Roy, followed by a welcoming speech by our HoD, Dr. Piyali chatterjee where she addressed the alumni, congratulated the organising team and shared her views on different perspectives of the event and the department after she was welcomed by another managerial head, Ipsha Kumari. This marked the beginning of Melange 2k19. With the alumni on stage, it was the lighting of diya, followed by their felicitation ,it was the warmest start on the day of Mahalaya. The cultural events began henceforth and it was a long and amazing journey to the end. With the theme ‘Back to childhood’ in hindsight, the students of CS department poured their soul into every performance with individual and group songs, it was a treat to the ears. And who can forget the enthralling dance performances; not to forget the beautifully weaved dance drama and fashion show. The introduction of beatboxing, stand up by a guest performer, Suryakant Singh and tech talks was nothing but a perfect icing on the cake. To sum it a few words, it was the melange of the sweetest colors. The event was concluded with everyone throwing their arms into the air and going wild with the DJ Sushmit on stage. All was but colors and happiness, to forget for once, the devil we are fighting everyday and be free. There was a lot of tension with the execution of the event and by the end of the day, one can proudly say it was a grand success






Videos: Alumni Speech



NSEC-CSE-Alumni Meet-2015 "MELANGE- 2015"

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